On Arguing and Discussing

It’s usually a waste of time.¬†Arguments are for people who are trying to win something. It’s an ego type of thing. The best way is to have a discussion.

The difference is that arguments tend to be heated. Although it’s a deep type of honesty, the heated exchange doesn’t solve a problem, shed light on a new area, or build relationships. It most often increases conflicts and creates a greater divide between parties.

Discussion, on the other hand, provides a medium where people understand that they may not agree, but have the opportunity to reach a common ground. It should still be honest with the addition of giving people the space to be heard.

Ways that I’ve found to help are time limits for speakers and a totem like a stick or any object to know who has the power to speak helps. Why time limits? People can talk forever, don’t give them the opportunity to drown the other voices out. A totem is used to denote who is the speaker. It’s much like a gavel for a judge or a whistle for a referee; you don’t interrupt those people.

As a conscious species, we should all be able to discuss matters of importance while growing out of arguing over nothing.

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