Project 1 – Life Design

To begin the process cultivating the life I desire requires a design and pathway that will guide me to that destination.

Life Review
The Life Review Essay is a reflection of the past and how I arrived at where I am today. It will help me realize the struggles and opportunities that have created who I am and who I want to be. In 2000-3000 words, I’ll reflect and analyze my own life for others and myself to accomplish the above.

Diploma Goals Articulation
To gauge the successes of my Permaculture Diploma, I’ll list and explain the desired state of life that I wish to be in. These goals will be dissected into Sacred Questions, My Personal Vision, and My Long Term Goals.

Skill Flex
This portion of my Permaculture Diploma will list desired skills that I want to pursue to accomplish the goals that are listed in the Diploma Goals Articulation.

Permaculture CV
The Permaculture CV is a reflection of the experiences in life that pertain to permaculture. In this section, I will detail the skill sets that I’ve acquired on my permaculture journey.

Action Learning Pathway
The summation of all the previous steps leads us to the Action Learning Pathway. This will be a guide in determining how I’ll accomplish and obtain the skills I wish to obtain in the Skill Flex.

The information that I’ve acquired and the references used will fit into this section of the Permaculture Diploma. This section will include permaculture peer reviews, feedback, references, and more information as the diploma progresses.

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