Partners in Crime

A partnership is much like playing tag.

There are a few different scenarios with the people playing with you. Some want to play and will put all their energy and passion into the game, others will opt out after a few minutes and go do something else, others will watch, and the rest think they want to play but they always change the rules or call time out before they get tagged.

Whatever the case is, you only want to play with those who really want to. The rest either don’t have the passion yet, are observing, learning or doing other things, or they feel superior enough to change the rules every 2 seconds. Regardless, it’s not worth the energy and time to dedicate towards those who don’t treat your time and energy equally.

The Audience
Observers are okay if you’re in the game to impress. This can be beneficial if the audience is giving thoughtful feedback. Otherwise, this can be detrimental if they’re constantly taunting and booing.

Partners in Crime
Dedicated people are hard to find. They have to be just as committed in the game to be of true value. At the beginning, they may not be as passionate,¬†athletic¬†or energetic. It’s during this time that they’re chasing you, but in time you hope that they’ll progress further than you in one or more areas. Boom! Tag you’re it! Now, it’s your turn to chase and tag them back. If they’re not putting in as much energy and passion as you are, it’s time to find someone else until that person is ready. Likewise, if you can’t keep up with them then you’ll get left behind; unless, they’re willing to wait up for you.