That’s all gardening is, and that’s all people ever do in life.

Take communication as an example. We take our ideas, find the words to sing it to another, and it comes out in a flurry of sound waves that hit our ears. The other person interprets the waves, gathers their thoughts and sends a verbal package in return.

In my opinion, the ultimate form of repackaging is Gardening. Manure (poo, crap, shit) is taken and transformed into a tasty morsel of leafy greens, delicious fruits, or a vibrant display of flowers. In time, the repugnant idea of crap is alchemized into the desired state of good food and well being.

In many ways, gardening is also the ultimate form of forgiveness. Gardeners take the filth of the world and return it in a better state than it was once in. There’s no harsh emotions or feelings. Gardeners willingly take the fermenting pot of vegetables and the stink pile of poo to enrich the soil. It’s a remarkable trait and one that I believe everyone can benefit from.

So. . there are an infinite number of possibilities out there.
Find your passion and Repackage it.