Project 2 Reflections

Sequencing of Videos
It’s been a week since I’ve started taking a Coursera course, and it’s provided a lot of insight into how I would like to create the online video content for e-learning.

Like most projects, I jumped at the opportunity to get started with my action learning pathway: ideas, creation and feedback. For this project the idea is to create interactive educational videos. In the process of creating, I’ve developed modules of succession on how the content can be learned. It’s synonymous to the development of a landscape to a regenerative ecosystem. The feedback loop has been continuous so far. With each creative and applicational process, I’ve gone back to redevelop the succession of modules and the content within them, which has forced me to redo the videos.

For the desired outcome, this process has been invaluable. It’ll ensure that future educational videos are well-thought and well-crafted.

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